Access Linux partition USB drive from Windows 10 Debian GNU Linux

For Rectangular Snip and Freeform Snip, you need to click and drag the mouse crosshair cursor to select the area of the desktop to take a screenshot. Whereas for Windows Snip, you only need to click the window. Furthermore, you don’t need to select anything if you choose Fullscreen Snip.

  • You may notice the software is quite a problem buster in many terms while using the tool.
  • This way, your screenshot will be saved directly into the Pictures folder and won’t get lost in your clipboard.
  • Once that’s done, restart the PC if it doesn’t do so automatically.
  • The only partition that we can modify is the “Basic data partition”.

I suffer this problem occasionally and could not work out why. I have started to track this down recently to when Windows 10 or Microsoft is doing a silent install . If you use a Microsoft account, make sure the your PC is connected to the Internet while logging in. The other reason I won’t use an online account is that Microsoft won’t stop trying to force me to use one. We’re looking for part-time or full-time technical writers to join our team! It’s about a remote position that qualified tech writers from anywhere in the world can apply.

As with anything related to disk/fs operations I strongly recommend to have backup, and tested, well understood, recovery process. I have a 400GB disk with a 320GB ext4 partition. I would like to grow the ext4 partition to use the left space .

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In this article, we are first going to see how we can take screenshots using native tools and then move on to some third-party tools that provide extra features. After reading your blog now I am working with the Snipping Tool. And it’s a very easy and helpful tool to take screenshots. Thanks for this wonderful piece of article and keep posting. The new Snip & Sketch tool is more comfortable to access and makes it easier to share screen captures, but it lacks an important feature that keeps me a fan of the Snipping Tool. Windows 10 offers you different options to take a screenshot without using third party tools.

Wait for the User Account Control dialog window to show up, then click on the Yes button to grant Command Prompt admin rights. Windows will now scan your drive, and a dialog will tell you the results of the scan. After Windows Update opens, the utility will automatically check for available updates for your system. An outdated Windows 10 build might also be the cause of the issue because it might not be in tune with most of Microsoft’s new services.

Use shortcuts to open Snipping Tool

The only main difference between the two apps on functionality wise is the delay timer. The snipping tool can be accessed by searching Snipping tool in start menu. To take a screenshot on a Lenovo Thinkpad, simply press the “PrtScr” key.

Although these apps mostly require paid subscriptions, they actually come with loads of interesting features and functions, which are all worth trying. So, if you have some dollars to spare, then third-party apps may be your best and most reliable options. Windows 10 has two built-in screenshot softwares – the snipping tool, which is from Windows Vista, and the more modern ‘Snip & Sketch’, which arrived with Windows 10 version 1809. Alt + Prt Scr – screenshots the active window and saves it to the clipboard. Let’s take a look at some of the common queries that users tend to have regarding the screen capture function and the location of the screenshots.

Open the file or web page which you want to capture as screenshot and press the print screen shortcut key. Now, you could be wondering where are screenshots saved in windows 10. The captured snaps are stored in screenshots sub-folder inside pictures. You can also take a screenshot by using the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard, but this will only capture your entire screen. If you’re confused about how to print an image on Windows 8, you can start by learning what the Print Screen key is on your computer.